women who had period cramps before pain killers were invented were metal as fuck let’s give them a standing ovation

Standing ovulation

A round of menopause.

It was a difficult period of history for everyone

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A muggleborn and pureblood couple having their first child and the pureblood not knowing about ultrasounds so they don’t understand why their partner is dragging them to a muggle doctor until they get there and suddenly they see a physical picture of their newborn child and hear it’s little heartbeat and it’s better than any magic they’ve ever seen.

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There’s no time for romance, we have shit to Avenge.
Scarlett Johansson, on the lack of romantic subplot in The Avengers (via coffeeorsomething)

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Dylan O’Brien and a puppy.

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“‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ sets course for 2017 release”



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The new harry potter movie looks great

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If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind.

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I think Hiccup and Astrid are the best animated couple ever.

I love how their relationship isn’t a major plot point for the films. Astrid isn’t there as a reward for the hero, she is also his best friend (next to Toothless of course). She didn’t stop being a warrior after she became a love interest (and Hiccup wouldn’t want her to, he loves her for it).

They talk about their problems. They fight their enemies together. And they trust each other.

Something that I’m just noticing from these gifs. They actually lean their cheeks into the kisses, opposed to just letting the other do all the work.  That’s something actual couples do when they know each other well enough to know it’s coming.  I love this.

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